No-deposit Casino Bonus

In all likelihood, you have a decent grasp of what a casino bonus. Usually, it’s either Free Spins or Bonus Money that a casino hands you in return for making a deposit. But have you ever heard about a no-deposit bonus?

As the name suggests, it’s a bonus you receive without parting ways with any money. That’s right, a completely free bonus! Usually, when something sounds too good to be true, it is. In this case, it isn’t. Several online casinos in Canada offer a no deposit bonus to their players. They are not as prominent as deposit bonuses, but they are available from time to time. 

Read on for a quick introduction to the various forms of no-deposit bonuses and what you can expect.

No-deposit Free Spins

The most common casino bonus in this category is Free Spins without deposit. Several casinos use this tool as part of big promotions or to reward loyal players. You can expect to receive such a bonus in conjunction with a new slot release more often than not. 

In such cases, you can expect to receive a low number of Free Spins. A guesstimate would put the average number of no-deposit Free Spins handed out at 10. That’s still not bad, though, considering you don’t have to do a single thing to receive these spins. The most you will have to do is to log in and claim your bonus before spinning. 

Sometimes, such offers might be run as part of more extensive, seasonal promotions. A typical example is Christmas promotions, the favourite holiday of most online casinos in Canada. They just love showering their players with great promotions and casino bonuses around the holidays. If you’re lucky, you might be treated to some no-deposit Free Spins as a part of this. An example is a casino handing out a certain amount of Free Spins to all players that have deposited throughout the year. It might look something like this “All players that have made a deposit this year will receive 50 Free Spins without a deposit. Deposit $50 to receive an additional 200 Free Spins.” This is a clever way to combine a standard deposit offer with a no-deposit effort. 

While not technically no-deposit, you can typically secure hundreds of Free Spins for as little as $10 through an online casino Welcome Bonus. Parting ways with a tiny amount of money can result in hundreds of Free Spins, which is a pretty sweet deal as well.

No-deposit Bonus Money

Another fan favourite, no-deposit money, works in the same way as for the Free Spins but with… money! This is Free Money handed to you. No wonder the players like this bonus so much. 

Free bonus money tends to be on the lower end of the scale, around $10. You might encounter such a bonus for a special occasion like your birthday. While it is rare to be handed free money at an online casino, it does happen from time to time.

These bonuses typically carry a wagering requirement, which we will explain just below.

Casino Bonus Wagering

Both no-deposit Free Spins and Free Bonus Money are typically subject to wagering requirements. This means that you have to play through your free spins winnings, or your bonus money, a certain amount of times before the funds can be withdrawn.  

This is standard practice at all casinos online, and the wagering requirements are in place to prevent you from just taking your free money and running. While it might be challenging to play through your money 35x, it is not impossible. And if you don’t manage, at least you only lost the house’s money!

Should I Accept a No Deposit Bonus?

Always. These no-deposit bonuses represent tremendous value, and we highly recommend accepting them whenever you get the chance. It is a risk-free way to try out a specific aspect of the casino. You don’t stand to lose any money using such bonuses, while you can still win real cash. That is an enormous upside with literally no downside to it. 

This upside is the reason the online casinos just don’t hand out such bonuses at all times. They have everything to lose by giving out such offers, so they choose their moments carefully. Keep your eyes and ears open, and make sure you pounce the moment you see a no deposit bonus available!

A good tip is to opt-in to receiving marketing emails and SMS from your casino of choice. These offers are often time-sensitive and usually communicated in selected channels.